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Bringing Church To You!

Perhaps you are unable to get to a Church due to one of the following reasons:

  • ill health

  • no transport

  • working on Sundays

  • another reason

Then we maybe able to help you! We can come be and do Church in your place of residence, place of work or even a cafe or restaurant...

What do we mean by Church?

We mean that together we can worship, learn, pray and/or have fellowship - the biblical model for being Church...Ideally this will be for up to an hour and it could be by yourself or with a friend or even a small group...

More details to come!

Stay tuned! Or perhaps you would like us to come and train you or somebody else in how to be and do Church this way! In the meanwhile, you can contact us, using the contact link above...

In the meanwhile, here is WOWChurch in a minute!

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