August 12, 2022

Psalm on Demand - Psalm 123


Psalm 123

A song for pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem.

To you I do lift up my eyes,
you who sit in the heavens.

Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master,
as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress;
so our eyes look to Yahweh,
our God, until he has mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, Yahweh, have mercy on us,
for we have endured much contempt.

Our soul is exceedingly filled with the scoffing of those who are at ease,
with the contempt of the proud.

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August 11, 2022

Psalm On Demand - Psalm 92


Psalm 92

A Psalm. A song for the Sabbath day.

92:1 It is a good thing to give thanks to Yahweh, to sing praises to your name, Most High;
92:2 to proclaim your loving kindness in the morning, and your faithfulness every night,
92:3 with the ten-stringed lute, with the harp, and with the melody of the lyre.

92:4 For you, Yahweh, have made me glad through your work. I will triumph in the works of your hands.
92:5 How great are your works, Yahweh! Your thoughts are very deep.

92:6 A senseless man doesn't know, neither does a fool understand this:
92:7 though the wicked spring up as the grass, and all the evildoers flourish, they will be destroyed forever.

92:8 But you, Yahweh, are on high forevermore.
92:9 For, behold, your enemies, Yahweh, for, behold, your enemies shall perish. All the evildoers will be scattered.
92:10 But you have exalted my horn like that of the wild ox. I am anointed with fresh oil.

92:11 My eye has also seen my enemies. My ears have heard of the wicked enemies who rise up against me.
92:12 The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree. He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
92:13 They are planted in Yahweh's house. They will flourish in our God's courts.
92:14 They will still bring forth fruit in old age. They will be full of sap and green,
92:15 to show that Yahweh is upright. He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him.

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Psalm 150


(From The Message)

Praise God in his holy house of worship, praise him under the open skies;
Praise him for his acts of power, praise him for his magnificent greatness;
Praise with a blast on the trumpet, praise by strumming soft strings;
Praise him with castanets and dance, praise him with banjo and flute;
Praise him with cymbals and a big bass drum,
Praise him with fiddles and mandolin.
Let every living, breathing creature praise God!


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Psalm 87

A Psalm by the sons of Korah; a Song.

His foundation is in the holy mountains.
Yahweh loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.
Glorious things are spoken about you, city of God.


I will record Rahab and Babylon among those who acknowledge me.

Behold, Philistia, Tyre, and also Ethiopia:
“This one was born there.”
Yes, of Zion it will be said, “This one and that one was born in her”;
the Most High himself will establish her.
Yahweh will count, when he writes up the peoples,
“This one was born there.”


Those who sing as well as those who dance say,“All my springs are in you.”

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Psalm 94

1 O Lord, the God of vengeance, O God of vengeance, let your glorious justice shine forth!

2 Arise, O judge of the earth. Give the proud what they deserve.

3 How long, O Lord? How long will the wicked be allowed to gloat?
4 How long will they speak with arrogance?
How long will these evil people boast?
5 They crush your people, Lord,
hurting those you claim as your own.
6 They kill widows and foreigners
and murder orphans.
7 "The Lord isn't looking," they say,
"and besides, the God of Israel doesn't care."
8 Think again, you fools!
When will you finally catch on?
9 Is he deaf-the one who made your ears?
Is he blind-the one who formed your eyes?
10 He punishes the nations-won't he also punish you?
He knows everything-doesn't he also know what you are doing?
11 The Lord knows people's thoughts;
he knows they are worthless!
12 Joyful are those you discipline, Lord,
those you teach with your instructions.
13 You give them relief from troubled times
until a pit is dug to capture the wicked.
14 The Lord will not reject his people;
he will not abandon his special possession.
15 Judgment will again be founded on justice,
and those with virtuous hearts will pursue it.
16 Who will protect me from the wicked?
Who will stand up for me against evildoers?
17 Unless the Lord had helped me,
I would soon have settled in the silence of the grave.
18 I cried out, "I am slipping!"
but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.
19 When doubts filled my mind,
your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.
20 Can unjust leaders claim that God is on their side - leaders whose decrees permit injustice?

21 They gang up against the righteous
and condemn the innocent to death.
22 But the Lord is my fortress;
my God is the mighty rock where I hide.
23 God will turn the sins of evil people back on them.
He will destroy them for their sins. The Lord our God will destroy them.

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