Friday Prayers


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Friday Prayers


12 April 2013


Opening Prayer

Father, as we commence, let our hearts and minds be right and still before you. May your everlasting mercy, grace and love be shown in hearing these petitions!


Prayer of Praise

Praise to God the Father sing, praise to God the Son,our king, praise to God the Spirit be now and through eternity. Amen!


Time for you to give praise to God


Time for petitions and requests to God


Closing Prayer

O Father!

May it be that your love takes over our lives

That we follow you faithfully,

Giving you alone praise in all circumstances we face together.

We ask all these things Father,

through the majestic name of Your Son, Jesus Christ

and in the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside us!



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Friday Prayers




Friday Prayers


26 April 2013


~A Prayer (based on a prayer of Bonaventure)

Lord Jesus, as God's Spirit came

down and rested upon you, may

the same Spirit rest upon and be within us.


O Yahweh, Grant us the gift of

understanding, by which your

precepts may enlighten our minds.


O Jehovah, Grant us counsel, by

which we may follow in your

footsteps on the path of righteousness.


O Great God, grant us courage, by

which we may ward off the

Enemy's attacks.


O Sovereign God, grant us knowledge.

by which we can distinguish

good from evil.


O Merciful God, grant us piety, by

which we may acquire

compassionate hearts.


O Holy God, grant us fear, by which

we may draw back from evil

and submit to what is good.


O ineffable God grant us wisdom,

that we may taste fully the

life-giving sweetness of your love.


For we ask this O God our Father,

In the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within us

Through the Son who died and rose again to ascend to Your right hand!



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