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March 1

Jesus - a baby who will live up to his name.

Welcome to our Easter 2013 series, AGOG – A Glimpse of God. Together we will look at the life of the most amazing person who ever lived - Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We will travel from the time he was born, wander through his life, glimpsing at His meeting other people and wondering at some of his wisdom, which will lead our series culminating at Easter, where we look at the significance of his death and resurrection.

When Jesus was born, his name imbued the very reason he was born. His conception and birth were extraordinary at every level. The name of Jesus, means “one who saves”. The entirety of his birth, life and death were centred on this very role. His role was to save all those who would follow Him. Jesus is the most talked about person in history. Almost everyone has an opinion about him. Jesus was born to confirm God's promises, to reveal God as a Father, and to be our representative before Him. Jesus gave us an example of how to live a holy life to the full.

Jesus was not merely a man who received some special power, nor was he some strange creation that was half man and half God. He was much more than those ideas! That Jesus is both human and divine is what makes Christianity unique amongst the world’s religions. It is why Jesus’ claims to be the only way to God are true and make sense, and it is why millions of people today worship Him and acknowledge Him as their Lord and their God. Tomorrow we will start to look briefly at the 4 accounts of the life of this most extraordinary person in all of history – Jesus of Nazareth.

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