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Think Spot 25th February 2013

Are you bored with your quiet time?

Some years ago I was feeling jaded in my personal communications with God. My personal quiet times were becoming a burden. They were a duty rather than a delight. In fact I felt bored and not knowing what to do about it. Sure I was converted. I was a missionary in missionary service in a tough area of London. The world around me was pressing in on me. I was downhearted even near to depression. As a young missionary I was dry, very dry spiritually . I was simply going through the motions of Christian service. No one was getting converted. Was it all worth it ? I asked myself.

One morning I simply flicked my Bible open with little care which book in the Bible I came to and found myself in the opening chapter of the Song of Solomon. A book I was unfamiliar with. As I read mechanically through the first few verses I was directed to a cross reference in I Kings 4:29; through which God spoke loudly to me revealing my problem.

Solomon, King of Israel had been asked by the Lord which gift he required from God.. His answer pleased the Lord exceedingly and he was granted his gift of wisdom to rule his people. Then the Lord continues to say he was so pleased with Solomon's request for wisdom that He was going to give him a bonus. In the 'King James version' it reads that “God gave to Solomon riches and largeness of heart” What did that mean? I wondered. I knew it wasn't referring to the physical heart so it had to be a spiritual gift. Suddenly the truth dawned on me. My experience at that time was that I was shrivelled up in my spirit in unbelief. My spirit was dry. My faith was at a very low point. So I cried out in prayer for a larger capacity for God Himself as I understood the expression to mean. To increase my desires for God Himself not for anything to receive from him but for Himself. Immediately my spirit was awakened and I was praying the prayerful words of the psalmist when he sought God saying “My soul pants after God as the hart (young deer) pants for the water brooks."

We may be at the present time crying out to God for revival. To see our church enlarged and our Sunday Schools filled with children but maybe the problem lies closer to our very selves. Is God saying to us "why should I answer your prayers when you are so impoverished in your own souls and you are going through the motions in mechanical fashion. There is no life in what you say or do. Your hearts are not where they should be because they are shrivelled up with worldliness unbelief and subsequently you have little faith." Then I remembered God's words to Joel and Israel, “Return to God and He will return to you” Good advice indeed.

My prayer was answered, my heavy spirit lifted and my hunger for God increased and also for His Word . Once again I was enjoying God with a heart enlarged for God and a desire for more of God in my life. Faith was rekindled. My batteries recharged and things took off from there. May I suggest we all seek that blessing in order that we may fulfil our ultimate calling which is "to glorify God and to enjoy Him for ever"

Joys Prayer

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