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18th February 2013

The Pilgrims Progress and you

If there is one book which has proved very helpful to me in my own Christian pilgrimage it is “The Pilgrims Progress”. It is full of imagery which captivates the mind as you read of the adventures of Pilgrim. He is laughed at, mocked and ridiculed as he leaves home seeking salvation and the removal of his burden on his back representing his sin. We read of how his name is changed to Christian when he comes to the Cross and of the many dangers he meets after that on route. He has enemies he engages in battle with. He speaks of the many helps he received as he travels on to the Beulah Land and glory. He carries a scroll (the Bible) which is to lead him to his final destination. If you are struggling with sin, or faith or uncertainty then read this book in Modern English.


This is a book written by a man of God many years ago, who lived for God. He was a man well acquainted with troubles, as he endeavoured to use his gifts of preaching in many open places and suffered imprisonment for the message of freedom he would proclaim to the masses. He was a pastor and preacher and the lover of people enough to tell out the gospel at the expense of his wife and life. He had a blind daughter so his family suffered at home as well. However in prison God gave him an amazing dream full of Christian life principles.


This book has been a worlds best seller over many years up to the present day. At his baptism my son gave his testimony saying what a great help Pilgrims Progress had been to him as it was read to him at bedtime each evening to show him the pathway to heaven. May I recommend its reading to you and to encourage you to learn from it . May it help you to become a stronger Christian and the children's version a blessing to your family.

Joys Prayer

Gracious God and loving heavenly Father, We come to You the Almighty God and praise You for your faithfulness when answering our many prayers. We desire more faith and ask your forgiveness when we let you down. ~

Forgive us Lord when our hearts are not always in all we do. Please, if necessary, give us a new heart or rekindle the desires we once had when we first tasted and received the Lord into our lives. Forgive us and cleanse us and renew our faith that we may honour You and give You glory due to your holy name! ~

In Jesus name we pray! ~


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